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Bestac Advanced Material Co. is established in 2006, who is also the first local manufacturer for polishing pad in Taiwan. Today Bestac has been a constant pad supplier for its worldwide customers in various fields including semiconductor, optoelectronic, chemical compound, metals, and so on

Bestac is proud of the properties consistency of its products. It has obtained the global certificates of QA system, and met with the requirements of REACH and RoHS. Bestac entirely monitors all the chemical substrates, production procession, and environmental control when it proceeds with its production. Today Bestac has been recognized by its customers as one of the most reliable and valuable polishing pad suppliers.

Company Address : Taoyuan, Taiwan Staff population: About 50staffs
Factory Address : Taoyuan, Taiwan Taoyuan, TaiwanTaTTTaoyuan, TaiwanTaoyuan, Taiwan TaoTTaoyuanTeedfTao TaoTao Measure of Factory : About 50,000 square meters
Amount : USD10,000,000 每月產能: 10,000 m2


Management Philosophy / Core value

Innovate our technique and with quick response to deliver customer a better solution service for today's emerging technical industries.


To be the most trustiest polishing pad verder in the world. 

Core Technology

PU polymerization PU foaming technology
Ultrafine fiber processing Pad machining tools design & manufacturing
Pad grooving technology Composite Pad: design and manufacturing
Pad topography design Pad application technology
Pad R&D for new applications  

Quality Assurance

Guarantee the quality as our commitment. 

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