Primary Polishing Pad

SU1300 with a micro porous polyurethane structure is designed to create the flawless surface during “Chemical Mechanical Polishing” (CMP)process for wafer planarization. Its special continuous structure, eventually, makes the pad become an easy tool to offer a better performance on excellent removal rate, good localized planarization and high global uniformity.furthermore, the pressure can be evenly shared by its continuous cell configuration and thus offer a low defect. High hardness increases its ability on stock removal rate. Such quality makes SU1300 an ideal pad for
many different buffing processes.

保存期限:half year
保存條件:Temperature Range=10°C~30°C ,Humidity Range <=70%

包裝方式: 20pcs/ctn(10pcs/each package)

SU1300 物性表
最大直徑(mm) 1420
厚度(mm) 1.40±0.10
硬度(shore A) 77±6